CREATE Foundation

I SMILE - Cyber Madrasah is dedicated work by Centre for Research on Education Arts Technology and Entrepreneurship, CREATE Foundation.




To be a leading institution that foster Indonesian youth into a society that is creative, active & productive, morally upright, competent, competitive, advanced, and prosperous through empowering Indonesian young people to be healthy, independent, God fearing, well mannered, nationalist, law abiding, possessing a mastery of science and technology and high quality work ethic.



To foster youth development to become active, productive, have a keen interest in scientific activities, and be capable of applying his/her knowledge towards the development of products/services useful to society, the nation and humankind in general:
  1. to foster a democratic and high quality education system, in order to pursue nation building values involving good moral and work ethic, creativity, being innovative, nationalist, smart, healthy, and possessing a mastery of science and technology;
  2. to foster social enhancement that enables the youth to provide solutions to the world civilization;
  3. to increase the knowledge of Science, Technology, Arts and Entrepreneurship among the youth;
  4. to improve Indonesian’s human resources quality.
The CREATE Foundation researches, produces and distributes ideas, concept, papers, software, hardware, films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the scientific, social, political and cultural impact of Indonesian youth education. The CREATE Foundation is a unique institution a public policy research organization, or "think tank". We draw solutions to contemporary problems from the ideas, principles and traditions that would help make Indonesian youth prosper in the future. 
We want an Indonesia that is safe and secure for the youth; where choices in education abound; where school fees are fair, flat, and comprehensible; where every youth has the opportunity to go as far as their talents will take them; where government concentrates on its core functions, recognizes its limits and shows favor to none.


Our expert staff—with years of experience in technology, education, arts entrepreneurship business, and government do not just produce research. We generate solutions consistent with our beliefs and distribute them to the community, the software of school management, the new media of learning and others. These solutions build on our country's situation of economic, political and social heritage to produce a cheaper, more effective, more efficient ways for high quality human resource development, more prosperous Indonesia and a safer, more prosperous, freer world. 

We believe that the values and ideas that motivated our Founding Fathers are worth conserving. And as policy entrepreneurs, we believe the most effective solutions are consistent with those ideas and values. We believe that ideas have consequences, but that those ideas must be promoted aggressively. So, we constantly try innovative ways to market our ideas. We are proud of our broad base of support among the Indonesian people, be there from private or government sector. Having the right expertise, we are then defining our approach toward the betterment of Indonesian Youth. Herewith is our initiative and approach that will be deployed:




During 9 nine years of its establishment, CREATE foundation has involved in the establishment of the institution below

1. Madrasah International TechnoNatura,

2. Edutekh Digital ,

3. Giving talk and training on ICT for Education, Cyberschool and Multmedia Interactives

4. helping more than 2000 schools in using ICT for education interactive multimedia