The Cybermadrassah system provides a tool for shaping vision of education for the future. It is equipped with a strategic long term planning tool as well as a detailed action plan tool for Islamic schools to reach their vision. The final feature is that it acts as a host for Islamic School Massive Interactive Learning Environment that emphasizes on creation, creativity, autonomy and social networking.


The main features of I Smile - CyberMadrasah are listed below:


  1. It provides tools for Islamic school to gather voices from stakeholders and shape their vision of education for the future.
  2. It provide social networking among all education stakeholders
  3. It can be used as an integrated management tool for  a number of schools all over the world. Each school will have separate data on its own.
  4. It provides a tool for strategic long term planning for Islamic schools to reach their vision.
  5. It provides a tool for Action planning for Islamic schools to implement the strategic plan.
  6. It can be used by teachers and instructional designers all over the world to continuously develop and share proven models of curriculum and Lesson plans in the subjects of Islamic, Social, Art, Science and Technology utilizing  current mobile and internet technology.
  7. It is a tool for knowledge creation and generation to teachers and instructional designers. It empowers teachers to embrace learning environment for the future and enables them to utilise Cybermadrassah to develop their own education model that suit them and teach youth better with mobile and multimedia based resources.
  8. The learning model emphasises on interactive learning approach through video presentations, interactive media, virtual simulation and short quizzes and testing. The Cybermadrassah will serve as a central cyber Islamic education database and interactive multimedia learning  resources model and  be hosted in cloud system to provide 24 hour education to any Muslim youth all over the world.
  9. It provides a tool for generating reports and evaluations.
  10. It provides executive dashboard for school managers, headmasters and principals to ensure quality assurance of the learning institution. It can generate reports to district or education ministry and other stakeholders.