Student Portal Features

The student portal is basically the I-SMILE Platform of learning that emphasises on creation, creativity, autonomy and social networking. It is a learning environment for any youth, anywhere to learn in an interactive, fun and contextual learning process. It can be integrated to an established school as semester-based virtual (synchronous) teacher-facilitated courses, or alternatively, it can be used to provide access of the learning materials to fully independent self-paced (asynchronous) individuals not registered to any school.


The ISMILE aims to :

  1.  Create learning practices, human support and physical environments that will support the teaching and learning of 21st century skills;
  2.  Support professional learning communities that enable educators to collaborate, share best practices and integrate 21st century skills into classroom practices;
  3.  Enable students to learn in relevant, real world 21st century contexts (e.g., through project-based or other applied work);
  4.  Allow equitable access to quality learning tools, technologies and resources;
  5.  Provide 21st century architectural and interior designs for group, team and individual learning;
  6.  Support expanded community and international involvement in learning, both face-to-face and online    




Currently the student portal I-Smile contain features as below STUDENT

  1. Noticeboard
  2. Rules and Ethics
  3. Santions
  4. Academic Calendar
  5. Time Table
  6. On-Line interactive learning
  7. Online Assignment
  8. Exam
  9. Grading
  10. Academic Results
  11. Creation & Portfolio
  12. Social Networklng
  13. Attendance
  14. Fees management
  15. Notes